Venger's Orchids SETI Group

Venger's Orchids is part of a large scale computing project to Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence, or SETI. We'd like you to help the astronomical community in this effort as we are. The process is very simple, requiring only some free software that you run on your machine that analyzes radio signals recorded from the Aricebo Radio Telescope. For further information, visit the SETI website.
If you download the software and decide to become part of the project, please join the group entitled "Venger". This allows people in the group to pool their resources, and if/when an intelligent signal is found, the members of that group will surely share in the fame and fortune.
Click the icon below to go to the SETI site. See our current stats! Questions? Email me at Rod - SETI Info Spaceship Graphic kindly created and donated by Gareth Shikles.