Milt. Memoria Princess Diana The plant is in a 6" basket. The bloom is about 1.5" across. Tree below. Digital Photo Genealogy of Milt Memoria Princess Diana Milt Memoria Princess Diana = Milt Castanea X Milt Carnival 1997 Milt Castanea = Milt clowesii X Milt regnellii 1956 Milt Carnival = Milt Gayety X Milt Bluntii 1995 Milt clowesii = species Milt regnellii = species Milt Gayety = Milt Festiva X Milt spectabilis 1955 Milt Bluntii = Milt spectabilis X Milt clowesii 1856 Milt Festiva = Milt spectabilis X Milt flavescens 1956 Milt spectabilis = species Milt flavescens = species
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