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This program contains over 200 separate screens like those above and below. (Screen size has been reduced by 50%)

Release Notes Basic Orchid Culture Release 1.04 - Vol. I Designed for the entry-level Orchidist or those just curious about Orchids This CD covers: Culture of the common Orchid groups Compotting Fertilizer Terminology Photographs Potting media Purchasing Orchids Repotting Water Culture And More! Cost: $30.00 (Add $3.50 S&H if ordering alone) Purchasers of this initial Volume are entitled to a substantial discount of any and all subsequent volumes created by us. [Wholesale inquiries welcome] System Requirements: ***************************************************** Intel 486-66DX or Pentium PC Computer (See Mac below) ***************************************************** *********************** Operating systems: Windows 3.x Windows For Workgroups Windows95 Windows NT Windows 98 *********************** ************************************************************** VGA/SVGA monitor (Your screen size MUST be set to 800x600. Your display MUST be set to 16 or 24 bit color) Sound card (optional, needed for Genus pronunciation examples) ************************************************************** ************************************************************* CD drive 16 megabytes memory 25 megabytes disk space (if not running directly from the CD) ************************************************************* *************************************** The software has also run on: Powermac 7200, PC compatible with Win95 Powermac 4400, PC compatible with Win95 Mac G3 under SoftWin *************************************** ************************************************************ Technical Support: Venger's Orchids offers unlimited technical support for this product via email at ************************************************************ ************************************************************** Warranty: A CD that fails to run on arrival may be returned for exchange or refund. This is the limitation of our warranty. **************************************************************