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Chris Welch; <950110152921_4585562@aol.com>
Stephen Weissmann ;<01HLPW4CYJDU8Y5BPJ@psc.plymouth.edu>
Sally Pecor; sgp93@acs.org (Sally Pecor)
Roak Citroen; <950122064546_75504.3066_GHJ36-1@CompuServe.COM>

The following list of plants grow well indoors for these growers. Some are

summered outside. 

-Ascontrum ampullaceum
-Ascocentrum miniatum
-Ascocentrum miniatum, in spike with four spikes
-Barkeria chinensis, inside all year, nice bloomer, but sort of frightening
life cycle-has done well for a few years-now completely dormant 
(beginning of the end?)
-Baptistonia echinata
-Brassavola nodosa-inside, or summered out,  better blooms 
when summered out (I've also got a Brassavola nodosa x cordata 
-summer out, which is
extremely vigorous, and blooms better than my nodosa)
-Brassvola nodosa, great frangrance. Tolerates poor temperature control.
-Brassia hybrids summer out-I've got one which has never flowered, although
huge.  Another regularly flowers, despite relatively small size-nice
fragrance, though flowers sort of short lived.
-Cattleya bowringiana and misc. hybrids require summer out for blooming.  I
do better with the ones which bloom in Fall and Winter-Sometimes the spring
bloomers blast buds in my dry home winter conditions-not always though.  In
general, these Cattleya types have always grown well, but only started to
bloom when I began summering out.

Cattleya hybrids:

-Lc Tiny Trick
-Lc Tangerine Imp
-Slc Hazel Boyd 'Mikabbi'
-Slc Hazel Boyd 'Elizabeth'
-Slc(?) Fire Dance 'Patricia
-Lc. and Slc. mini-cats, which I'm just starting out with but have had
some success with. Tolerates poor temperature control.
-Minicat hybrid - excellent growth, won't bloom

-Coelogyne cristata
-Coelogyne lawrenceana, both are new but seem to do well, they were rejects
from other growers.
-Cymbidium Peepers 'Santa Barbara'
-Dendrobium - formosum type
-Dendrobium Livinstone 'Mishima' (antelope type)
-Dendrobium oligophyllum
-Dendrobium Vashon pride
-Encyclia cochlea, which is in constant bloom in my kitchen, Tolerates poor
temperature control. 
-Eria fragrans (Eria javanicum?) summer out, very vigorous grower
(unkillable) prolific bloomer, nice fragrance, but relatively short-lived
-Laelia anceps summer out, Bud blast can be a problem, but not if given
very good summer growth.
-Laelia lundii, summer out, nice mini
-Leptotes bicolor inside all year, Thrives, grown for years. (Last summer I
took two identical clones of Leptotes bicolor and place one outside, left
the other on the windowsill.  I was surprised to find that the windowsill
plant put on better growth, and has earlier and more robust spikes than the
outside plant!) 
-Masdavallia floribunda - inside all year/vigorous/faithful bloomer
-Masdavallia infracta - inside all year vigorous
-Masdavallia strobelii - nice, fragrant, seems to be EZ, but haven't had it
very long. 
-Miltonia Connie Warne
-Neohelmannia porpax, summer out-vigorous growth, OK bloomer so far
-Notylia xiphorous (I know it's been renamed, but can't remeber what)
-Ornithophora radicans, inside all year, good grower, vigorous bloomer.  
-Oncidium (Equitant) hybrids, summers out faithful bloomers
-Oncidiums Equidant [sp?] (the little guys, with the terete leaves).
Tolerates poor indoor temperature control. 
-Oncidium ornithorhyncum summer out, blooms like crazy, up to 4 spikes per
new growth, fragrant.
-Oncidium papillio 'Butterfly'
-Oncidium ornithorhynchum
-Oncidium varicosum
-Oncidium reflexum
-Oncidium william thornston, in spike. 
-Paphiopedilum sukakullii and callosum (also Maudiae) inside all year
faithful bloomers but mine grow slowly.  (Do you think summering out is a
good idea? I've been a little worried about bugs and water catching in the
-Paphiopedilum in the Brachy" and Parvis sections grow and bloom in a
window under lights
-Paphiopedilum malipoense, seems reluctant to stay alive in a window under
-Pescoranthes Painted Lady summer out, A Klehm hybrid reputed to be rapid
grower and prolific bloomer-it is, gets about 4-5 nice long lasting flowers
for each new growth.
-Phalenopsis hybrids inside all year EZ bloomers
-Phalenopsis aphrodite inside all year EZ bloomer
-Phalenopsis  equestris
-Phalenopsis hybrids: Babette 'Hawaii', Dawn Hunter 'Vanessa' 
-Phalenopsis hybrids, whites and pinks especially, do well [just an aside:
unless a Phal is infected with a bacteria it's basically in the "plant-
that-wouldn't-die" catagory] Tolerates poor inside temperature control.
-Phragmipedium court jester, division, growing great in window under lights.
-Phragmipedium sedinii, seedling, growing well
-Pleurothallis grobyii, inside all year, vigorous grower and good bloomer,
interesting mini.
-Pleurothallis gheisbregtiana, inside all year, fragrant-short lived flowers.
-Vanda rothschildiana

Note: I've got a lot of other species, many acquired as seedlings, which
are growing well, but haven't bloomed  yet, or which I haven't bloomed

Roak described his regime as follows: 
All plants are misted each and every day, regardless, at 7.45 am. All
plants are watered every wednesday and sunday in the am, before noon.
Fertilizer at 1/4 strength every second watering. Each plant is taken to
the sink, watered and inspected twice a week. Light tubes in the stand are
one growlux and one cool white, these are changed every six months to
maintain the strongest levels of light. I also regularly mist with seaweed
solutions to prevent spider mites, this seems to work very well for me,
some growers think I'm nuts, but when it works who cares.                                               

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