Masdevallia teurckheimii

Growability scale = 3 (1=easy, 10= very difficult)
This Masdevallia may be one of the most floriferous in the
genus, not surprising since it's kissing cousin is named Masd.
floribunda. The plant is short, leaves 3-5", and when well grown
is fast growing, reaching a very respectable size in just a few
years. The specimen shown in the photo grew from 5 growths to
50+ in 2 years. Each growth produces one short spike and one
whitish/cream bloom riddled with spotting. Since the spikes are
short, it's necessary to pot the plant high up to ensure that the
blooms will clear the rim. We grow these in Sphagnum, repotting
every 6 months. Clay pots are preferred to prevent the media
from staying soggy. They easily tolerate temps on the high
side of intermediate. Ours see temps of 90 on most summer days
even though they are grown in rather deep shade. Keep just damp
at all times and watch for slug or snail damage.
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