Dynagro vs Wundergro

Dynagro vs Wundergrow -  A head to head test.

Upon request, I received 2 gallons of a kelly green fluid with no labels
and no instructions. Email from Jerry Rodder said to use 3 cups of
Wundergrow per gallon of water to be injected at 100:1. It further
stated that I might have to experiment to adjust the dose.
I chose to use the 3 cups.

The Dynagro was used at our normal rate. We test our water before
mixing each new batch. From the tap, the water will test out at
40-60ppm TDS. We then add Dynagro (for these tests we used 7-9-5)
until the mix coming from the injector at 100:1 reads 150ppm.
This results in an addition of between 90 and 110ppm and a pH
of 5.6-6.0

No specific time period was set aside for the testing. The test began
when the Wundergro arrived, and ended when the supply sent
to us was exhausted.

The test plants used were 3 trays each (approximately 32 plants
per tray) of Oncidium Sunny Delight x Onc. Sharry Baby 'Sweet
Fragrance'. All the plants started out in 2.25" pots and were
of nearly identical size and were newly repotted. In other words,
neither batch contained plants that were noticably larger or smaller
than the other batch and all had identical, fresh mix.

The lighting, temperatures and air circulation were identical for all
plants, approximately 3500 FC max, 65-90 deg.

The procedure was to first water the greenhouse with the Dynagro,
switch to Wundergro, purge the system for 60 seconds and then
water the Wundergro plants. Watering was done on an "as needed"
basis, which in our greenhouse varies from every 4-7 days,
depending on the amount of cloud cover for the week. Every 5th
week we flushed the entire greenhouse with clear water only. In two
instances we also ran Physan thru the system with the clear water
flush which both test batches received.

Because we normally keep Dynagro in the system at all times, even
for misting, both sets of test plants were put in an area not hit by
the mist. If misting was required, we misted by hand with clear tap
water. So, for this test, the Wundergro plants received only Wundergro,
and the Dynagro plants received only Dynagro.

At the end of the 6 month trial we found that:

Of the Dynagro group, 4 of the plants had needed potting up into
4" pots. One was in spike. None of the Wundergro group grew
enough to justify potting up to 4" pots. Of the Dynagro group, 13
required potting up into 3" pots. None of the Wundergro group
required potting up into 3" pots.

Of the Wundergro group, 38 plants were smaller than the smallest of
the Dynagro group. Of the Dynagro group, 73 plants were larger than
the largest of the Wundergro group, some slightly so, some drastically
so. Only 8 of the Wundergro plants were noticably larger than any of
the Dynagro plants.

Of the Wundergro group, 12 plants had roots growing out the bottom
of the pots. Of the Dynagro group, 46 did.

Of the Dynagro group, 2 plants died. Of the Wundergro group, only 1 died.


Representative photos of the results are below. In each case, Dynagro
is on the left, Wundergro is on the right.


Left: The 4 largest Dynagro plants.         Right: The 4 largest Wundergro plants


Left: The 4 smallest Dynagro plants.        Right: The 4 smallest Wundergro plants


Left: The best tray of Dynagro plants.      Right: The best tray of Wundergro plants

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