Dendrobium transparens

Growability scale = 5 (1=extremely easy, 10=very difficult)
Den transparens is a pendant growing plant requiring a strict
dry and cool rest period. Violating either condition will almost
assure you of nothing but keikei's in the Spring. The canes are
very thin, almost wire-like, reaching a length of about 18-24".
The blooms are small, about 1" across, pristine white except
that most will have a tiny purple dot at the tip of each sepal
and petal. The throat is yellow. Our attempts at breeding with
this plant have all failed. In spite of that negative, it remains
one of our favorite dendrobiums.

We grow Den transparens potted in a medium fir bark mix.
The light is medium bright, 2500-3000 FC. The temps during
the growing season are intermediate. In the winter we hang
it near a cooler outlet which radiates cold air to the plant.
No water or food is given after about Halloween, resuming
only after the buds have fully formed in the spring. While the
plant can at times be quirky, the rewards of the plant in bloom
more than offset the occasional spring disappointment. 
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