Dendrobium rigidum

Growability scale = 3 (1=extremely easy, 10=very difficult)
Den. rigidum is found from New Guinea to Australia. It inhabits
mangrove swamps, also on trees and rocks along riverbeds.
The plant was recently moved to the genus Dockrilla.

This is a mini plant with pseudobulbs usually 1-2" tall. The
pseudobulbs grow in spreading clumps often with a climbing
then pendulous habit. The blooms are cream colored with
red/orange striping, approximately 3/8 to 1/2" in size. The
flowers are fragrant, blooming can be from Spring to Fall
though ours prefer Summer. It would seem that these plants
are in bloom every time you turn around, a bonus for those
with small collections.

Literature suggests light in the 3000-4000FC range. Our
experience with greenhouse grown plants shows that they
seem do best in light of 2000-2500FC. Den. rigidum is an
intermediate growing species. Temps should be typical,
60-85 degrees, night/day. The humidity levels should be
fairly typical for Dens, 60-70% is ideal. Water thoroughly,
not allowing the potting media to completely dry. Reduce
slightly in winter. No rest needed. We prefer to grow these
on horizontal mounts rather than in pots. The percentage of
plants in pots that sulk seems to be about 20%, whereas
mounted plants is about 1%. There seems to be a clear
preference here.
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