Dendrobium pierardii

Growability scale = 2 (1=extremely easy, 10=very difficult)
This terrific plant grows with a pendant habit, the growths first
growing up, then bending over and down. The blooms are a
light lavendar in color with a creme colored lip, approximately
1" across. While I wouldn't characterize them as fragrant,
they do seem to freshen the air. The blooms last about 4 weeks.
The plant is deciduous and requires a winter rest period.

We prefer to grow Den. pierardii in pots with a medium bark mix,
though they'd likely do better mounted if possible. We grow them
in bright indirect light, approximately 3500 FC, watering only
when dry. The temps are intermediate to warm in the growing
season, with high temps reaching close to 95. The plants will do
equally well with high temps in the 80's. The winter rest is
absolutely necessary for Spring blooming, and those that feel
sorry for their plants and water or feed during the winter will be
disappointed. We stop watering around Halloween and don't
resume until the buds have fully formed in the Spring.
The humidity is kept high during the rest period. The rewards for
hobbyists that grow these properly are consistent and floriferous
blooming plants.
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