Hi All,

Below you'll find a description and fact sheet
on Physan. I asked the makers of Physan for this
information because we use and believe in it and
think you'll find it useful. Venger's didn't and
isn't receiving any compensation. -Rod-

Physan 20(tm)
Maril Products, Inc.
320 West 6th Street
Tustin, CA  92780
Phone:  714-544-7711
Fax: 	   714-544-4830

Physan 20 is a broad-spectrum disinfectant, fungicide, virucide,
and algaecide which effectively controls a wide variety of plant
pathogens.  Its applications include hard surfaces in greenhouses
and growing areas; lawn and turf grass; seedlings, seeds, and cut
flowers; swimming pools, ornamental fountains and bird baths; and
of course, orchids, tropicals, and ornamental plants.

Physan 20 is an EPA approved product in concentrate form that is
mixed with tap water for easy application.  When diluted at the
recommended levels, Physan 20 poses no human, mammal, or
environmental risk.

Physan 20 controls disease-spreading organisms, which can be
carried from plant to plant by using contaminated pots, flats,
seed-beds, soil, tools, flasks, and human hands.

Orchid users have found Physan 20 particularly useful in
controlling Crown Rot; Root and Stem Rot;  Botrytis; and Damping-
Off in flasked seedlings.  In addition, Physan is an excellent
algaecide which controls the growth of algae in growing media; on
drainage pebbles, and irrigation nozzles.  It is useful for 5-7
days after application.

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