Oncidium onustum

Growability scale = 5 (1=extremely easy, 10=very difficult)
Oncidium onustum is an excellent mini species, growing only a
few inches tall, sporting a medium to long arching spike with
numerous yellow to yellow-orange blooms. Culture of Onc onustum
is often wrong due to the fact that the plant is known to inhabit
arid areas, often growing on cactus. The assumption is that it
likes to be dry. In fact, the plant probably receives most of it's
moisture from morning condensation and in considerable amounts.
Cactus ribs, being designed to catch and channel moisture to the
base of the plant, are therefore an excellent place for a tough,
sun loving plant to perch. We grow these in maximum indirect light,
ensuring that they are hit by a mist 3-5 times daily during the
growing season. They will grow equally well in pots or mounted,
though the latter is the preferred method for us.
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