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Orchid Discussion Online (ODO) is a discussion list in digest form, conducted via email. For those of you not familiar with such lists, basically, conversations are carried on between many people via email, thru us. Subscribers (it's free, btw) receive an email consisting of a number of messages from other subscribers. Each separate message within the digest is replied to, as needed, and the rest discarded before returning to ODO. Messages such as this are then assembled into another digest, which is emailed to all the subscribers, and the cycle repeats. There are very few rules to keep in mind with respect to ODO: The topic is Orchids and anything that has to do with them. No flames. If you can't disagree while remaining civil, the message won't be distributed. This list is intended for those that want to learn and teach. No commercial postings. We define "commercial" as any posting offering something for sale. It doesn't matter if you have a business license or not. There are other forums where goods can be offered. You may inform users about the whereabouts of goods from Orchid growers, suppliers, etc as long as you have no connection with, or stand to benefit from, the company or person in question. If you are selling goods and someone on the list is looking for what you have, email them directly. Sig files of 5 lines or less are acceptable. This is where you may advise others that you have a list of items for sale or trade if you wish. DO NOT send postings to ODO which are HTML or MIME encoded. Because of the time involved in editing such messages, we will return them to the sender for correction. Not sure? Check your mailer's configuration for a checkbox that might say "HTML" or "MIME". If checked, uncheck it. It there's only a box that says something like "Text Only", make sure it's checked. Most importantly, if you have information to share, please do! Mailing lists such as ODO can only work if people are asking and answering. Lurking is welcome, but if there's a sparcity of messages at times, there's an easy solution :) Disclaimer: Each ODO subscriber must determine whether or not the information being offered by others on the list is appropriate for his or her use. Venger's Orchids will not be responsible for your use of any information presented in the digest. Venger's Orchids reserves the right to make a determination as to what material is suitable for posting and also to change a subscriber's status at any time. To subscribe to ODO send a blank email with the subject "subscribe" using the link below. To unsubscribe, send a blank email with the subject "unsubscribe". ODO Subscription System

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