Oncidium lanceanum

Growability scale = 7 (1=extremely easy, 10=very difficult)
Oncidium lanceanum is one of the so-called "mule-ear" Oncidiums,
characterized by large, tough arrow shaped leaves, medium
green in color with maroon spotting. Many of the mulies dislike
very high light which will in fact burn holes in the leaves of some
plants. Onc. lanceanum grows to 18-20" tall, throwing a 2 foot tall
spike straight up. The blooms are about 1" wide x 1.5" tall,
golden in color with darker spotting. The lip is the real attraction,
ranging from light pink at the bottom to dark pink at the top,
including the callous. It is extremely fragrant. It is also extremely
slow growing, hence it's high score on the growability scale.
It generally does not make a good pod parent, the progeny having
a tendency towards muddy colors.

We grow Onc. lanceanum in relatively low light levels compared to
most Oncidiums, generally in the 2000 FC range. Plants should be
moved to a dimmer location at the first sign of leaf distress!! This
will be first evident in the leaves becoming slightly yellowed. Severe
burning will cause unsightly holes in the leaves. Temps should be 
intermediate, 60's-80's, Water when the plant is just becoming
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