Oncidium excavatum

Growability scale = 7 (1=extremely easy, 10=very difficult)
Oncidium excavatum is a rather robust species, with large
pseudobulbs, 4-5" tall, topped by a single leaf 8-10" tall.
The plant grows well in intermediate conditions, light to 4000
foot-candles, temps approaching 95. The spike is medium length
the blooms are very numerous, about 1", cream colored with
chestnut bars towards the inner half of the segments. We've
only owned collected divisions, and we found that while not hard
to grow or bloom, it did require a lot of patience (and four years)
on our part to bloom them. This was no doubt due to our not
knowing what they preferred, plus conditions "unfamiliar" to
the plants. Domesticated plants, if and when they arrive on the
market, will hopefully be easier to deal with.
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