Epidendrum centradenium

Growability scale = 8 (1=easy, 10= very difficult)
Many people will disagree with my growability scale score on
this plant. Many will think I was conservative. The plant can be
very picky about it's culture, and if unhappy, will generally show
it's displeasure by dying in a hurry. Plants grown in different culture
will often show different characteristics. We tend to grow ours in
bright shade, which keeps them rather short, usually 12-18".
Others we've seen grown in brighter light have been 4-5' tall.
The plant is a reed stem Epi, with very thin wire-like canes and
leaves spaced every few inches. The short spikes feature nice
pink blooms with a white throat, clustered at the top. We grow
ours "stress-free", light about 2000 FC, temps in the 60's-80's.
They are invariably potted in fine fir bark, frequently misted
in the summer, watered once per week. They are checked for
spider mites weekly as the genera seems to have a proclivity for
attracting them.
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