Cultural information for: Soil media: half sand, half sphagnum peat moss, with a little charcoal chips added (optional). Mulch with layer of dry grass clippings.

Light conditions: full sun, except those indicated with an asterisk (*) which prefer partial shade.

Moisture requirements: keep wet at all times, even after they have gone dormant. In sealed container or artificial bog, keep water table level six to eight inches below surface of soil media. Use of rain or distilled water preferred.

Fertilizing: general all-purpose fertilizer at 10-25% strength recommended for pot plants. Apply every three or four weeks up to mid-July. Flush media with water before next application.

Planting: plant corm one inch below soil surface; tuber or roots so that tip of growth bud is one-half inch below soil surface.

Hardiness: suggest removing plants from bed and refrigerating (do not place in freezer) over winter in near freezing temperatures (35-40 F. or in "crisper") for areas which freeze hard. Pack plant material in soil media and place in plastic bag and store. Remove and replant in spring around last frost date. Most require at least three months cold dormancy.

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