Dendrochilum cornutum

Growability scale = 4 (1=easy, 10= very difficult)
Dendrochilum cornutum is an interesting species, featuring
3" cylindrical pseudobulbs topped by soft arrow shaped foliage.
The spikes, if stretched, would reach to 3'. They grow up for
about 1/3 to 1/2 their length and then arch over and down,
producing 100's of 1/4" white blooms with bronzy lips. Each
growth produces a single spike. Older pseudobulbs will drop
their foliage. We prefer to grow these hanging, with a west
exposure, giving them light of 3000 FC during most of the day,
increasing the light to 4000 FC or more in the late afternoon.
Temps are intermediate, don't allow to dry completely. Our own
specimens are in net pots, sitting in Sphagnum moss to reduce
the risk the plants sulking after repotting.
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