Dendrobium chrysotoxum

Growability scale = 4 (1=extremely easy, 10=very difficult)
Den chrysotoxum is a beautiful compact species. The blooms are
sunshine yellow in color with an orange throat, approximately 1"
across on a spike 12-18" long. The plant is evergreen. While it
does not need a strict rest period, is does like to become very dry
in the winter months. Light should be very bright and indirect. The
blooms are faintly sweet, appearing in the early spring, lasting only
a few weeks.

We grow Den chrysotoxum in clay pots, sitting in a south exposure
all year long. In summer, this means light levels of about 4000 FC,
going up to 5000 FC in winter. We water and feed weekly in the
summer, every other week in the winter. Temps are intermediate,
ranging from 60-80 in winter, 60-90 in summer.
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