Sophronitis cernua

Growability scale = 5 (1=extremely easy, 10=very difficult)
This charming little fellow has leaves that are roughly heart-
shaped, 1" long, very succulent and attached to a short stem. The
blooms are small, 1/2-3/4", very orange, with the anther cap being
purple. Soph. cernua blooms in the Spring, the buds being evident
when the new leaf opens. There are generally 2-6 flowers per spike,
lasting a few weeks. The plant has a clumping growth habit.

Soph cernua prefers high light, lots of moisture and humidity, with
temps roughly in the 65-90 degree range. For those growing them
(or thinking of growing them) in a greenhouse, we would suggest
mounting them to accomodate their preference for lots of moisture.
Ours is mounted just a few feet from a mist head, ensuring a good
soaking 3-5 times daily in the summer. Windowsill growers will be
successful if they can provide enough light (2500-3000 FC) and
if growing in pots, are using a media that ensures good air circulation
around the roots at all times. They dislike being repotted and may sulk
for an entire season if you're too rough. We recommend mounting if
at all possible.
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