Epidendrum calanthum

Growability scale = 3 (1=easy, 10= very difficult)
This reed stem Epi grows in dense clumps, and to our knowledge
is a near-miniature. The largest plant we've grown is 12" tall.
The short spikes eminate from the top of the plant, with a
cluster of variously colored pink blooms, generally shading from
light to dark. The lip edge is fringed white, the throat has a yellow
spot. We grow these in high light, 3500+ FC, intermediate temps of
60-90, keeping well watered in the growing season. In winter, air
circulation is a must. While their water requirements dip in the
winter, care must be taken not to dehydrate nor root rot the
plants. Undo stress on the plant will invariably show up as
black lesions on the leaves.
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