Cadetia taylori

Growability scale = 4 (1=easy, 10= very difficult)
The genus Cadetia as described is comprised of 55 species with a natural
habitat ranging from New Guinea, The Solomons, to Southeast Asia.
Cadetia taylori are compact epiphytes bearing one fairly tough leaf per
stem, generally not more than 4 or 5" in length. The plant is fast
growing, often having 3 or 4 new stems growing at a time without regard
to season. They are free flowering, with small, white, weakly fragrant
(Anise-like) blooms generally borne singly on each new stem, and may
last from a few weeks to a month or more. We have seen one instance
where a flower spike keikei'd rather than bloomed.

Having no pseudobulbs, they are not drought tolerant and should not be
allowed to dry for long. Needing no rest period, watering and fertilizing
should be carried on throughout the year. Temperature should be on
the warm side of Intermediate, night temps at or just above 60 deg.f,
day temps to 85 deg.f. Humidity should be high, above 60%, air
circulation good. Lighting seems to be a variable requirement.
Our own experience shows good growth and flowering in areas
from 1500-3000 foot-candles, though the best results seem to be in
the 2000-2500 range. If you happen to have 3 of these, it's likely
that not all 3 will be growing in the same area. They have truley
individual tastes.

Plants can be mounted on horizontal slabs if attention is given to
daily misting. Potting is feasible in fine mixes with good drainage,
ie, fine bark with charcoal or perlite additives, sphagnum with
crushed white styro "peanuts", etc.
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