Oncidium barbatum

Growability scale = 3 (1=extremely easy, 10=very difficult)
Oncidium barbatum is an easy growing mini plant, capable
of blooming on a single growth. At maturity it generally will
be no more than 6-8" tall, with the ovoid, slightly pleated
pseudobulbs making up about 1/3 of the total height. The
spike, usually single, eminates from the base of the plant and
is 8-10" long. The blooms, 5-10 per spike, are golden in color
with dark barring. Very large sidelobes and lip are clear yellow.
The darker background of the petals and sepals, coupled with
the lighter sidelobes and lip, gives the appearance of two
flowers stacked on top of each other. The blooms generally
align themselves in one direction, making a very attractive display.
The plants grow equally well mounted or in pots with a medium
bark mix. We grow them mounted, light in the 2500 FC range,
temps 65-90, watering weekly with additional mistings as
needed during the summer days. They are summer bloomers.
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