Paphiopedilum barbigerum

Growability scale = 4 (1=extremely easy, 10=very difficult)
Paph. barbigerum is a small species, with thin, arrow-like leaves
generally between 4 and 8 inches long when mature. The plant
grows in clumps, with the growths packed tightly together. The
plant grows readily in temps on the low side of intermediate,
high 50's - high 70's but is also flexible enough to grow as a
true intermediate if extremes are avoided. The single bloom
sits atop a spike 6-10" tall. The flower is an attractive olive
green with the dorsal predominately white with an olive green
stripe running down the center. The pouch is tan. In spite
of it's potential, market concerns have prevented the hybridizers
from doing any meaningful breeding with this plant, a fall bloomer.

We grow Paph barbigerum as a bottom shelf dweller. That is to
say, because of our relatively high temps, up to 90+ in the summer,
the plant is kept happy near the floor where the temps are not so
extreme. The plant is grown under lights year round, potted in a
fine fir bark mix, in the smallest pot we can fit the roots into. It
is repotted as soon as new growth appears after blooming. Temps
range from 62/80 in the summer to 58/75 in the winter. Fertilizer
is given once per week at 100ppm strength.
Grow it if you can find it :)
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