Angraecum distichum

Growability scale = 3 (1=easy, 10=difficult)
Angraecum distichum is a miniature angraecoid, approximately
5-6" tall at maturity. The blooms are pristine white, about 3/8",
starry in shape, eminating from between the distichous leaves
on stems 1/4" long. The flowers are fragrant, with a very sweet
scent There are multiple bloom seasons per year.
The plant grows best after it's reached the 3 growth stage.

The plant enjoys dim shade in warm temperatures of 70-90
degrees. While cooler temps won't ordinarily hurt the plant,
it will slow growth in a plant not known for speedy growth.
We favor Sphagnum moss as a media primarily to avoid
throwing the plants into a "sulk" due to the roots being
disturbed when repotting. Repot twice per year to avoid
rots due to moss breakdown. The plant seems resistent to
common infections and pests. Keep damp at all times.
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