Angraecum calceolus

Growability scale = 2 (1=easy, 10=difficult)
Angraecum calceolus is a miniature plant, generally not exceeding
10-12" across or less. This is a plant that will nearly grow and
bloom itself. The blooms are 3/4" to 1", usually green though
at times shading to white. The plant is well known for self
seeding, with seed pods maturing in 6-7 months. The blooms are
borne on spikes of about a foot long. There are usually multiple
spikes and multiple bloom seasons during the year.

We grow Angraecum calceolus in a fairly fine mix, usually fine fir
bark. The plant has no moisture storage system and should not be
allowed to get overly dry. We prefer to keep them just barely moist
at all times. Temps should be intermediate, 60-85 degrees, the light
should be very bright shade to medium indirect. Cool temps may mar
the leaves, a sign of a minor fungal infection. Keeping the air
circulation up will help prevent this, but keeping the temps above
65 at night are your best defense.

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