Laelia anceps

Growability scale = 1 (1=extremely easy, 10=very difficult)
Laelia anceps is a plant that belongs to a class I refer to as
"leavealone". In otherwords, leave it alone and it will perform.
The plants are compact in height, usually only 10-12" tall, with
a sprawling growth habit. Mounted, the plant will grow up easily.
Potted it will soon overgrow it's home. The flowers are 2.5-3",
generally light lavendar with a darker lip and throat. Clusters of
2-6+ blooms are borne on the end of a spike reaching 3 feet.
Wild specimens, while having an aura of "wildness" that some
find attractive, are far inferior to almost any of the commerically
bred plants of today, which have far straighter segments and
a wider range of colors.

We literally give L. anceps little care during the year. We pot them
in overly large pots to accomodate their growth habit, keep the
temps intermediate, the light about 3000 FC in summer, 2500 in
winter. Watering is year round, once per week.
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