Encyclia alata

Growability scale = 3 (1=easy, 10= very difficult)
Encyclia alata, AKA Epidendrum alatum, is a large, pseudobulbous
epiphyte. When mature, the plant may reach 2 feet high, throwing a
spike another 2-3 feet. The blooms are large, about 2.5-3", overall
yellow/cream shading to dark maroon/brown at the tips. The lip is
broader at the tip than the base, and striated in maroom/brown.
The blooms are long lasting.

The plants will grow very well in rather typical Cattleya conditions.
They enjoy heat, up to 90 degrees in the day, and bright light, up
to 4000+ FC. They are best grown mounted, with attention paid to
keeping the humidity up, or in pots with a coarse mix. Water when
the contents of the pot have just dried thoroughly.
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