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Venger's Listing - Close Out Sale 2003 (I'm going out of Business - Prices are negotiable)

(1) Add up your plant order from the latest listing (Below)
(2) Deduct 10% from your plant order if your PLANTS total over
(3) Add appropriate S&H, $10.00 minimum.
(4) This offer is good only for this calendar month

Orchids are listed by groups: Phals, Paphs, Oncidiums, etc. The
species will be found at the end of their respective groups.

We accept Master Card, Visa, Discover, Novus, Private Issue and
Bravo Credit cards.  We have an 800 line for ORDERS ONLY.
1-800-4VENGER (1-800-483-6437)


Limited Number - !
Onc. Twinkle 'Red Fantasy' lots of light red colored sprays. Fragrant! $12.00
C. aurantiaca 'Jean' x self orange flowers. $8.00
Oncidium barbatum tiny yellowish flowers - mounted $15.00
Den. Kamiya Pride purple flowers $12.00
Laelia grandis x self yellow - white flowers $12.00
Oncidium ornithorhynchum tiny spikes of light purple flowers.Fragrant! $12.00
Den. Frosty Dawn white and orange, fragrant! $12.00
Epi. cochlaetum x lancifolium green and light purple flowers. fragrant $12.00
Miltonidium Summer Fantasy 'Betty' yellow,brown and orange flowers. fragrant! $8.00
Epi. parkinsonianum (falcatum) green and brown flowers. $5.00
Sophronitis cernua small red flowers $6.00
Oncidium Gower Ramsey yellow with brown shading, in spike $15.00
Oncidium haephamaticum yellow and brown shading, double spikes $15.00
Den (Jewelite x Blue Twinkle purple and white $12.00
Slc. Jewel Box 'Scheherazade'AM/AOS red flowers $8.00

Compots- Limited
Lc. Mari's Love purple flowers $10.00
L. purpurata 'Schusteriana' X Lc. Love Knot purples $10.00 & 12.00
Dgmra Flying High 'Stars & Bars' white. $15.00
Den. Pixie Stripes pinks $15.00
Ctna Why Not reds $10.00
Bl. Yellow Bird yellow with spots $10.00
B. nodosa 'Mas Mejor' x B. nodosa 'Remar' white. Fragrant! $10.00
Blc. Golden Tang yellows $10.00
Lc. Love Knot x B. digbyana shades of purples $12.00
Cookara Bill Dial. Snowflake x Ctna Maui Maid bright pinks $10.00

Special! Any 5 different Paphs for $45.00 plus S&H
Paph (Flame Arrow x Black Currants) large glossy flowers with spotted petals $10.00
Paph. (Stardust Flight x Red Maude) Huge dark vinicolors. $10.00
Paph (Spellbound x Cyberspace) very large wide petaled vinicolors $10.00
Paph. (Gloriosum x Black Currants) Very dark peacock flames. $10.00
Paph (Fremont Peak 'Terry's Choice x Pulsar "Shadow King" vinicolors of dark stripes $10.00
Paph. (Tuxedo Junction x Pulsar) vinicolors of a rosy shade. $10.00

Paph Seedlings
Most in 2 1/2 to 3 " pots
Paph. philippinense x Paph. gardnerii green, tan, white cross $6.00
Paph. kolopakingii x Paph. delenatii mahog./green/pink/white color cross $6.00
Paph. bellatulum v.alba x Paph. kolopakingii whites and darker mahag. colors $6.00
Paph sukhakulii x Paph. druryi spotting of mahog. with lighter greens $6.00
Paph. delenatii x Paph. wolterianum pinks/whites/brown cross $6.00
Paph liemiana 'Best' x druryi tans, whites and greens with tails $6.00
Paph. topperii x Paph. philippinense greens and tans $6.00
Paph.roebelinii x Paph. delenatii red/brown/green/white cross $6.00
Paph delenatii x Paph. rothschildianum 'Nor Tong' red/whites/greens cross $6.00

Basic Orchid Culture A multimedia presentation on CD-ROM. This program is for the beginner or for those just curious about Orchids. 200+ photographs. Click here for requirements and info. $30.00 (Add $3.50 S&H if ordering alone)
Seedlings - Most in 2.5" pots
Den Star Sapphire x Kurenai whites/purples 2.25" $6.00
Den. Spring Bouquet dark lavenders, multiple spikes, frequent bloomers 2.25" $6.00
Den Hawaiian Twinkle spikes of dark purple 2.25" $6.00
Den. Pixie Stripes small pinks,darker stripes, multiple bloom seasons 2.25" $6.00
Den Kristen Ann x Crimson Glow white/light purple - 2 in spike now $8.00 - limited number
Seedlings 2.5" Pots unless otherwise noted.
Onc. Popki 'Mitzi' equitant. $6.00 
Onc. splendidum x sib long spikes of yellows with brown markings, Lots with new growth $10.00
Onc. Calypso Queen 'Sundance' HCC/AOCS equitant. $6.00 
Onciums- larger ones long spikes of yellows with brown markings, Lots with new growth $8.50, bare root
Lc. Rojo reds 2 1/2"pots - $6.00
Ctna Why Not 'Roundabout' x self reds $6.00
Lc. Mari's Love light purples $6.00
Eplc. Don Herman 'Gold Rush' yellows/reds $6.00
Slc. Bright Angel x Lc. Love Knot light purples/whites/yellows $6.00
Lc. Trick or Treat bright oranges $6.00
Lc. Tropical Treat red-orange clusters $6.00
Lc. Pixie Elf white, purples $6.00
L. purpurata 'Carmencita' x Bc. Maikai purples 2 1/2"pots - $6.00
B. nodosa 'Mas Mejor' x B. nodosa ' Remar' cluster of greens, white lip. " Lady of the Night" Fragrant at Night! $6.00
Ctna. Mem. Henry Goldberg well shaped reds. 2 1/2"pots - $6.00
Iwan. Appleblossom scented pinks, bright pink flares $6.00 
Lc. Jungle Flare wild colors $6.00
Bl. Petite Stars whites, purple centers $6.00
Bl. Yellow Bird cluster of bright yellows. Frequent bloomers. $6.00
Blc. Golden Tang BRIGHT yellow blooms, probably peppered with light spotting. Compact. $6.00 
Ctn. Why not x sib reds $6.00
Lc. Mari's Love purples $6.00
Special Any cattleya or Dendrobium seedling Buy 3 get 1 free
Bark Your choice of:
medium or fine
Spaghnum moss fine mostly
Pots Your choice of:
varying sizes
$2.00 - 6.00
Dynagro Fertilizers Your choice of:
Bloom (3-12-6)
Grow (7-9-5)
or Hi N Pro (10-5-5)
Each makes about 350 gallons
We use and recommend Dynagro!
$7.50 each
Shipping Now!
"Basic Orchid Culture"
A multimedia presentation on CD-ROM. This program is for the beginner or for those just curious about Orchids. Click here for requirements and info. $30.00 (Add $3.50 S&H if ordering alone)
Driftwood pieces Colorado collected chunks of pinon, oak, etc. We grow many of our own plants on these with great success. All pieces are 6-12+ inches long, bleach sterilized, rinsed and dried. Photo of one piece with our Cadetia taylori $2.00 each, subject to availability
Gift Certificates An excellent way to get your friends and loved ones involved in Orchids! Great Birthday present!
Denominations of $30.00 and up
NEW! Virkon-S We've been using this to disinfect Orchid seed and thus far it seems very promising! No nasty smell, a little goes a very long way. Since it's biodegradable, we suggest making only enough for one day's use. We recommend .5g/50ml using distilled water. A 50 gram bottle will make 10 liters. Want to give it a try? $3.00/50g
Flasking media This compound is good for Epiphytes, both for mother flasking and replating. You get two small jars, each of which will make 500ml of media. $5.00


Venger's normally ships USPS priority mail. Our base charge for shipping and handling is $10.00. If the actual shipping exceeds $6.00, we will bill you for the excess.

We accept Master Card, Visa, Discover, Novus, Private Issue and Bravo credit cards.

Contact us immediately! We take great pains to ensure the safe packaging of your plants. However, if a plant unpots, please repot it. If a leaf breaks, make a clean cut with sterile scissors. Damages that occur after we ship or are related to delays enroute require that you file a claim against the carrier. We will assist in any way possible. In ALL cases where you make a claim against a carrier for one of our shipments, we will also file a written complaint and ask for an explanation from the carrier. We cannot be held responsible for damages caused by the carrier, sorry! Not satisfied with your order? Just return it immediately for a full credit, refund or replacement. Please let us know that the package is on it's way back to us. All returns MUST be accompanied by the invoice.

Sorry, we are unable to export Orchids.

Make check or Money Order payable to:
Venger's Orchids
1220 Pando Ave.
Colorado Springs, CO. 80906
(719) 576-7686

ORDERS ONLY -> 1-800-4VENGER (1-800-483-6437)

Please include your email address when ordering. It allows us to easily keep you informed of the status of your order.

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